Academic Chapter Book publishing categories

  1. Science and Technology
    • Subcategories: Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Science.
  2. Social Sciences
    • Subcategories: Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, Geography.
  3. Humanities
    • Subcategories: Literature, Philosophy, History, Religion, Linguistics, Cultural Studies.
  4. Health Sciences
    • Subcategories: Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Pharmacy, Nutrition.
  5. Business and Economics
    • Subcategories: Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economics.
  6. Education
    • Subcategories: Pedagogy, Educational Psychology, Curriculum Development, Higher Education.
  7. Arts and Humanities
    • Subcategories: Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Literature, Philosophy, History.
  8. Law and Legal Studies
    • Subcategories: Constitutional Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights.
  9. Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Subcategories: Cross-disciplinary research topics that span multiple fields.
  10. Environmental Studies
    • Subcategories: Ecology, Conservation, Environmental Policy, Climate Science


We are open to modifying existing sub-chapters upon request or adding new subcategories as needed.


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